X. The New Equilibrium

From luxury to the everyday.

Everything that can be automated will be automated, it has been said.

And it is actually happening. But everything that cannot be automated won’t be automated. We will be living in a world where important things will go back to being made by human hands.

They will not be automated. The products and services that accompany us in our lives will be deindustrialized: what we eat, the objects in our kitchens, our clothing, our healthcare.

Everything that was born before the Industrial Revolution will go back to being made as it once was. No cell phones. No computes.

This will first be considered a luxury for the lucky few. But then it will become a need, recognized by everyone.

Having objects and services that recount their long history of knowing hands, and of people that know how to love us with what they do. This will be the new, daily priority. For everyone.