VI. The Adversary

The Visitors.

They landed in post-War Italy, with their big UFOS sparkling with illuminated signs, full of things unfamiliar to us.

First came the supermarkets, followed by large specialized stores, then people on TV selling mattresses, vacuum cleaners, and knives that can even cut through soda cans. “We come in peace! We’re your friends!

We bear convenience, affordability, and progress!” Then we found out their products were full of artificial colouring, preservatives, palm oil. We found out their items were cheap but didn’t last as long.

We found out that prices were low, but quality was even lower. That Italian tomatoes were Chinese. “No problem – we’ve removed this, we’ve got rid of that, because we love you!”

The truth is they were not our friends. They didn’t love us: they had made friends only with our money. And this is why, to speak with us, they didn’t use their own face, but an actor’s.