Return form

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase

Should you be unsatisfied for any reason with your order, you have the right to return one or more products and receive a reimbursement equal to the price of the returned products. It is not however possible to change a purchased product for another one.

Before shipping your returns back to TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE make out the Returns Form and make sure you comply with the Conditions for returns. TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE will not accept returns unless all the conditions are fulfilled.


1. Make sure the products are in the same condition you received them in, and in their original package.
2. Prepare to ship the package back within 10 working days after the order was delivered.
3. TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE does not pay back customs costs incurred by customers at delivery in non-EEC countries, nor re-importing costs. Returns will be accepted only if the party returning the goods has paid all the re-shipping and customs costs.
4. Only the value of the goods will be paid in case of returns. No accessory charged paid at the time of the purchase will be refunded.

TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE reserves the right to reject returns notified or shipped too late, or products which are not in the same condition as they were received. See our Return Policy.

Conditions of return

Please inspect the products you received from TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE carefully, to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, before starting to use them, since returned items will not be accepted if they are not in the same conditions as you received them in or are not in their original packaging.

Returned knives must not be used or washed.

Packaging, especially the wooden boxes, must arrive complete. If they arrive broken, their cost will be charged and deducted from the reimbursement.

Before shipping back your package, you must make out the Return Form online.

Returns must be delivered to the courier within 10 working days after you received the order. Returned products belonging to a single order must be sent in a single shipment: TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE will not accept returns from a single order shipped at different times. Products belonging to a set cannot be returned individually.

Should you fail to comply with any of these conditions, TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE will not be able to accept your returns, and the items will be shipped back to you at your expense.

How to return a product

The return of products on by the buyer is done through the "Account" page where there is a link to the page "History and order details".

Once you have entered the order history page, the process begins by viewing the order details and selecting one or more products to be returned in the Return goods section (click on the "Ask for a refund" button with the possibility to insert a motivation or a generic note).

Once the request for the return of the product has been made, the site manager will receive an email with the notification and the customer can follow the return process from the "Product return" page reachable from the main page of his account.

Send the returned item to TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE.

Returns travel under the responsibility of the person shipping the goods to be returned.

All reshipping costs, including any customs charges, will be charged totally to the person reshipping.

You can ask to organise the withdrawal. The cost of this service will be made known previously and if you accept, the amount will be taken off the reimbursement you are entitled to because of the return.

Reimbursement schedule

TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE will receive the returned items and make sure all the requirements have been complied with. You will then receive an e-mail confirming the returns were accepted.

This process may take up to 3 working days after delivery of the package to the warehouse.

Reimbursement on PayPal or banking service account: reimbursement will be visible within 48 hours. Actual reimbursement on the credit card associated with your PayPal account depends on the bank which issued the card.

Reimbursement for orders paid in cash on delivery: reimbursement will be on the Current Account you specified. If the data you wrote are right, the reimbursed amount should be visible on the Bank Statement of the month following the request.

Read complete documentation on Right of Withdrawal

What will be reimbursed

In case of returns, only the price paid for the goods returned will be reimbursed, not accessory charges (gift package, shipment and payment). For returns from non-EEC countries, TRADIZIONI ASSOCIATE does not refund costs of release from customs paid by the customer at the time of delivery and does not pay re-importing costs. Returns will be accepted only if delivered with re-shipping and customs costs paid for by the person returning the goods.