About us

Who is Tradizioni associate

We combine traditions near and far with each other to bring out the deep design that unites them. We have combined the Tradition of Coltellerie Berti with the Tradition of the Coltellerie Consigli. This drawing you see more clearly when put beside handmade creations from different sources. Because these objects have something profound that unites them: traditional craftsmanship. Personal work of a human being that always creates something unique repeating gestures made for generations. There's a part of mystery in the meaning of this human dedication. Bring this wonderful mystery in people’s lives every day this is our life plan.

Who is Coltellerie Berti

Tradizioni Associate has a long history of steel, fire and skilled handles. It was an handicraft workshop founded in 1895 by David Berti in Scarperia, in the Mugello area 30 kilometers north of Florence. We manufacture handicraft Italian knives. Hand made, in Italy, by us. Italian because entirely and exclusively made in Italy, and this is quite evident, but also because our knives strictly belong to our own Tradition, the Tradition of the Berti Family and, therefore, really Italian. This is the essence of the craftsman’s tradition

held in the Berti family since 1895: whoever starts the work takes it right through to the finishing touches. There is no labour division, each knife is the finished work of a sole craftsman bears the initials of the craftsman who made it We still use the same manufacturing techniques and the same materials, ox horn, box wood, steel used at the time of the Foundation of the Company, in the late 1800’s, because we want to maintain the production as it has always been with the intent to obtain on the final product the shine and the authenticity that surely cannot be obtained with industrialized production. This because we love Tradition and we are convinced that all our efforts should be dedicated in renewing the Tradition to grant its survival. To evidence its true core and preserve it as in the original version. For this reason, our best-seller item, Convivio Nuovo” is also available with Lucite handle. Made by hand.

Complete Information on Berti Knives are available at: www.coltellerieberti.it

Who is Coltellerie Consigli

But we do as we please. When you are born in a certain way, in a certain place, from certain people, you don’t really need to wonder who you are. One is born Tuscan, and so were we. Everything we do, then, is Tuscan. For us, it comes as naturally as breathing. This is why we feel free to create and to invent without putting up too many obstacles against our natural spontaneity. Being exactly what we are, being Tuscans today, to our very roots. That is our life plan.

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