Professional kitchen knives - Compendio Desserts

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Professional kitchen knives - Compendio Desserts
Upstream and downstream from good cooking, you will always find an excellent knife: cutting food properly is indispensable for enjoying it. Many people use only one knife to do everything in the kitchen. They don't think about what they use to cut in the kitchen or on the table, and they always end up by complaining about the poor results of their cutting. Actually, every good cut starts out with the choice of the proper knife. If it is true that every good cut starts out with the choice of the proper knife, it is also true that one has to keep them properly in order to preserve their cutting power and nice appearance. To keep your Berti knives in order, separated from each other, not mixed up with other objects and easy to identify at once when you need them, you can buy them with their base or box. Special series dedicated to the preparation and serving of desserts.

Smooth blade kitchen knives
Smooth bladed kitchen knives: the only way to cut food on the table, keeping its flavour and appearance intact.
A smooth blade avoids ripping when cutting, and hence loss of juices in the food with their flavour and nourishment.

Serrated blade kitchen knife
Dry-fiber bakery products such as bread, pies, panettone and others with similar characteristics are the only ones that require a serrated blade for a correct and perfect cut

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Serrated blade, Bead blasting blade, Laser cut blade, Full tang blade, Plastic handle

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