Sardinian Pattada handcrafted knives

Pattada pocket knives

Sardinian Pattada handcrafted knives
Pattada is a town in the province of Sassari that boasts an ancient tradition in the production of knives.
In Scarperia this knife has sometimes been reproduced and sometimes reinterpreted.
Our production, now for over 100 years, produces pattadese knives derived from types used by Sardinian shepherds, set up in a variety of versions with a simple and pleasant line. Their main characteristic is not to have the spring.

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Frosted blade, Bead blasting blade, Forged blade, Laser cut blade, Full tang blade, Blade with anchored tang handle, Stell handle, Plastic handle, Cornotech handle, Boxwood handle, Olive handle,, Buffalo horn handle, Ox horn handle, Ebony handle

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