Zebu horn knives and cutlery. Handicraft of Madagascar

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Madagascar horn

Zebu horn knives and cutlery. Handicraft of Madagascar
Traditions must be respected. Even those of others.
What binds the knives of the Berti cutlery to Africa? The Zebu. The horn handles of all our knives are in fact made in Corno di Zebu. In fact, only African Zebu, working animals, are allowed to grow enough to develop horns of the necessary size to obtain, at the natural end of their life, worked objects.

The processing of the Zebu Horn is a long and demanding artisan process: slowly heated over low heat until it is finally malleable, the horn is then cut into the raw shape to be made. It is then heated again and inserted into the mold to obtain the final shape. It is then pressed for a few minutes. Finally it is immersed in cold water, to fix the desired shape. Then comes the polishing: first with coarse sandpaper; then fine-grained and moist ash, until the horn is shiny and bright.

A precious and beautiful material, wonderful on the table and in the kitchen: this is why we have selected this Collection of Complements, handcrafted and entirely in Madagascar. Because Traditions must be respected: even those of others.

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