"Napoletani" handcrafted pocket knives


"Napoletani" handcrafted pocket knives
Simple knife handle and simple spring.Among the knives in production in Scarperia around the second half of the 1800’s.
It is not clear whether this particular knife derived from a model originally produced in Naples.
It is certain however that it belongs to the group of knives used of the point of the blade as well as for cutting.
This knife was particularly appreciated in southern Italy.
It was produced in Scarperia, sold in Naples and all around the Campania region.

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Polished blade, Frosted blade, Laser cut blade, Plastic handle, Cornotech handle, Boxwood handle, Olive handle,, Buffalo horn handle, Ox horn handle, Ebony handle, Ram handle, Simple spring, Italian style, Monolithic handle, Knife without spring

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