Table knives

Table knives

The table knife is often the most overlooked when buying cutting tools for your home. We often let ourselves be guided more by the cheapness of the purchase than by the quality, ending up by choosing serrated blade knives.
The serrated knife can be heavily industrialized and made of poor quality steels, which is why it is particularly economical. The knife with a smooth blade instead requires productive processes and materials,  necessarily more  therefore more expensive,  but it repays us both because it is the only one that will make us savor the dishes in their full flavor, with a sweet and precise cut, that because after a use prolonged, when it has lost the thread, he will come back to life with a simple sharpening, instead of being thrown away like it happens with serrated knives, which can not be sharpened and require frequent substitutions.

Smooth blade table knives
The only way to properly cut food on the table, preserving its flavor and appearance. The smooth blade avoids tearing what is cut, as it happens with serrated knives, thus allowing not to lose the juices contained in the food and therefore its taste and nourishment.

Serrated blade table knife
The dry fiber bakery products as pizza are the only ones that require a serrated blade for a correct and perfect cut. Our serrated blades can be resharpened by taking advantage of our maintenance service.

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Serrated blade, Polished blade, Frosted blade, Bead blasting blade, Forged blade, Laser cut blade, Half tang blade, Full tang blade, Blade with anchored tang handle, Stell handle, Plastic handle, Cornotech handle, Boxwood handle, Olive handle,, Buffalo horn handle, Ox horn handle, Ebony handle, Ram handle

Table knives

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