The Knowing of Living, as a Gesture of Civilization.
Respect for others, and for oneself, in every moment of life makes us pleasant and the attention to detail, the careful choice of instruments, constitutes in the kitchen and at table an indispensable sign of attention towards the guests. The Knives for the Kitchen of the Collection "120" of Coltellerie Berti, made entirely by hand, bring Tradition to every home and allow you to perpetuate the Civilization of the Table.
The box 120, takes its name from being born in the 120th year of activity of Coltellerie Berti, is characterized by have the finish PVD of the blades, gun-barrel-colored, that gives the elegance of appearance, greater hardness (resistance) to scratches due to wear) and more corrosion resistance, than it is a real Achilles heel for high-quality cutting knives. Each box contains the 5 essential kitchen knives, six table knives, a stone to sharpening and six supports knives.
The Centoventi Collection is make in only 120 numbered boxes.

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Serrated blade, PVD blade, Laser cut blade, Full tang blade, Plastic handle

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