"Romani" handcrafted pocket knives


"Romani" handcrafted pocket knives
The Roman illustrates a mentality that was widespread in the Papal State, where the knife was considered as a trusted friend to be carried constantly “in the pocket” and extracted at the first sign of trouble or in response to an offence. In fact, several structural elements confirm the characteristics of this knife as an offensive weapon: the very sharp blade, the decorations of the handle in herringbone or honeycomb patterns which served to improve the grip, and the fixed-spring locking system which prevented it from accidentally snapping shut and which made a dry click when flicked open that underscored the aggressive threat.

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Polished blade, Frosted blade, Laser cut blade, Plastic handle, Cornotech handle, Boxwood handle, Olive handle,, Buffalo horn handle, Ox horn handle, Ebony handle, Ram handle, Simple spring, Italian style, Monolithic handle, Knife without spring

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