"Lamallegre" handcrafted pocket knives


"Lamallegre" handcrafted pocket knives
The "lam'allecre" (happy blades) are the result of a challenge: "to remove the aggressive or threatening aspect that is innate in any blade". this challenge has been addressed by the Consigli knife makers, together with the industrial design degree course, with the intention of integrating design with craft. This experience has generated a show of objects designed by the university students, and for Consigli has resulted in the possibility of utilising design in the search for innovation. design intervention in a sector such as that of the Scarperia knives - with a tradition intact and unchanged for 700 years - was perhaps an example of the sort of conscious rashness typical of this discipline, which has never been able to resist new opportunities for experimentation. even before we started, we were aware that this challenge could not lead to radical innovations or profound changes, but that what was at stake were small alterations with almost imperceptible alternative possibilities, albeit substantial in their way of presenting the new. the Scarperia knives are exclusively characteristic: they are folding knives, what are known as jack-knives, clasp-knives or flick-knives. and so, holding fast to this tradition, i proposed to consigli the design of a knife that would retain all the characteristics of the jack-knife, while also aspiring to flaunt a somewhat unusual - not to say ironic - aspect. That is, the allusion would be to playfulness, the fun of finding a blade to be amusing, concealed beneath an attractive image, of an animal or a beloved object. something symbolic and allusive, of which the blade is merely a potential function rather than the sole purpose. the value of the knife is thus embedded more in the expressive significance of its own story than in its mere functionality. in proposing this collection, consigli appears to be asking those who are interested in one of the new knives: "this happy blade makes me smile. and you?"
G1anp1ero Alfarano

Nomenclature: Smooth blade, Polished blade, Frosted blade, Laser cut blade, Plastic handle, Cornotech handle, Boxwood handle, Olive handle,, Buffalo horn handle, Ox horn handle, Ebony handle, Ram handle, Simple spring, Italian style, Monolithic handle, Knife without spring

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